Notebooks are very important to (integral to) my art work process. Although each and every painting in the notebook can be viewed and perceived individually, an entire notebook can also be interpreted as a single work of art. Individual paintings on their own and the notebook as a whole have autonomous lifes.

My process of work is based on repetition. I repeat. I practice the same gest: in many cases it grows into automatic gestures I repeat until I understand, until an idea and/or an image becomes clear and obtains sence. At that point, those ideas/images either grow in scale or turn into something entirely different.

Once we think of the book and open it - there are very clear rules/ obstacles: we can see only 1 page at the time, story builds once we turn and follow pages. The “magic” happens when spectator starts turning pages and time becomes equal partner in sharing the regard. In my notebooks “Game” of presence and absence - being seen, hidden and unseen takes on equal importance as images themselves. The full impression/experience can be obtained once pages are turned and a complex matrix of relationships among images has been established. Finally - the full picture - is constructed only in the spectator’s memory.

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